South of the James Farmer’s Market Haul Number 1

Farmer's Market Haul

Now that I’m at GrowRVA’s South of the James market every Saturday we’ve been doing most of our grocery shopping there. I receive so much support from the Richmond community (and beyond, of course!) that I want to do as much as I can to support other creators and farmers in my local area.

A quick word on GrowRVA: They only accept people that make or grow their own goods. If you aren’t shopping at a growers-only market, I would suggest focusing your efforts and shopping on people in your community who aren’t reselling products from other people (and avoiding your mommy pyramid schemes – you know what I’m talking about here. Major shade.). This requires you to speak to humans, so I know it’s an effort, but it’s really worth it.


GrowRVA posts a map of who is scheduled to be there a few days before each market. Follow them on Instagram and opt-in to notifications so that you can plan your trip before you go.

So what did I get this week? Let’s get started. I get different stuff every week, so optimistically I am planning on posting this blog every week.


This week I tried out King’s Produce for my produce. I am having the hardest time finding a link for them online, but they’re always at the back of the market (opposite the entrance). This week I picked up some beautiful blackberries (which pulled me into their stand), leeks, potatoes, purple (yes, purple) green beans, and carrots.


My wife loves having fresh flowers in the house and prefers bouquets that look wild. Amy’s Garden is one of her go-to places to pick up flowers every week. When they’re past their prime, she dries them out and throws them in our garden. Sometimes the seeds take and we get to enjoy the offspring of the flowers for the rest of the summer.

Dog Treats

This was something new we tried this week! We have a very spoiled little pitbull mix at home and this week my wife picked up dog cookies from Clementine’s Munchies. The booth pup was so good and very willing to pose for pictures in his sunglasses, and while Samwise isn’t picky, he really loved this special treat.


Baked Goods

We buy from Two and a Half Irish-Men every week. Even if we get baked goods elsewhere, we always stop by this booth. This week we got 2 half loaves of vegan bread and 2 scones. I usually have this for breakfast while I’m manning my booth and eat the rest soon after.


We still had some cold brew from last week’s market, but we still picked up an iced chai from Black Hand Coffee Co. It’s my last stop before leaving the market and is a nice refresher before starting the rest of the day. This, along with Two and a Half Irishmen, is quickly becoming a traditional stop every market day.


I am so lucky to have the stand right next to Blue Ridge Bucha. I have a 32-ounce cantine that I refill at least once every Saturday. The kombucha is amazing and I love that they let you refill your own containers. This week I got blackberry (there was a theme this week, apparently).

This was a smaller haul than usual for me. There are only two humans in our household and with this southern heat we don’t eat nearly as much as we do during the rest of the year. We also had a lot of leftovers from the market last week, and we won’t need to go grocery shopping at any traditional grocery stores at all this week!

What are your favorite vendors at the South of the James Farmer’s Market? I like to try new things every week so leave your recommendations in the comments below.

Follow me on Instagram to see what I’ll be bringing to the market each week! I have a lot of new, locally sourced wood to work with so feel free to message me with any requests.

Be good to yourself, to the environment, and folks around you.

Steven, Black Cat Woodworking.



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