Introducing the Heirloom Project

Black Cat Woodworking's Heirloom Project

This idea is the fruit of conversations that I’ve had over the year with my father-in-law, and by proxy, my wife. As folks who value family, tradition, and the gifts that this beautiful planet gives us, we know that there’s a natural cycle to everything, but that doesn’t mean that things that we love have to be lost to time.

The Heirloom Project hopes to take the trees, boards, and mismatched pieces of lumber that are important to us and make them into something that can continue to be cherished by you and your family (without keeping the dead tree as a liability in your yard).

Is there a tree or piece of wood that may be memorable to you? Possibly a tree you swung from as a child or one that has grown on your family’s property for generations, but has died or fallen? Message me and I will work with you to create a piece of art from it that will be sure to keep those memories alive for generations to come.

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